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Plumbing Overflows Services

How to prevent flooding in the home and avoid damage?

Clogged drains or broken pipes can cause terrible overflows. Here is how to prevent them and avoid serious damage to our homes. If you live on the ground floor, or you’ve converted the basement into a hobby room, then the last thing you want is for your rooms to flood every time a violent storm hits them! In addition to the enormous damage that water can cause to furniture, walls, and floors, there’s also the hassle of having to remove it all and then dry and clean it everywhere! Unfortunately, manholes are often unable to drain the enormous amount of water brought in by rain. The result is that the streets flood and houses flood, too! Plumbing Overflows Services are indispensable in these occasions.

In the event of overflow inside the house, the central tap must be closed immediately to interrupt the flow of water. To avoid damage to the electrical system and the risk of fire, you must also disconnect the power from the main switchboard and close the gas knob. To make the house safe, you should remove water as soon as possible. Rubber boots, gloves, broomstick, and rubber spatula will be the protagonists of the operation. If the amount of water, however, is really considerable, then you may need immediately Plumbing Overflows Services. So you should call a professional plumber.

Install anti-flooding bulkheads

In the case of flooding caused by water flows from outside – the largest and most dangerous – the best solution is to install anti-flooding bulkheads. These are protective barriers that prevent water from entering. Specialist companies produce various types of custom-made barriers, mobile or fixed. Install them at the entrance of a window or door.

Install an automatic drainage pump

Since flooding caused by external agents can be quite considerable, it would be safer to also install an automatic drainage pump.

Maintenance of gutters and manholes

With adequate prevention, i.e. with the maintenance of gutters and manholes, which should always be periodically cleaned of leaves, soil, and debris. The ideal, then, would also be to create an external runoff system that takes rainwater away from the house.

Plumbing Overflows Services

How to avoid flooding in the house caused by pipes and drains

To prevent flooding caused by damaged appliances, broken pipes, clogged drains, there is nothing better than careful maintenance. Here are a few tips:

Periodically check that washing machine and dishwasher drains are working and unblock them immediately in case of obstruction.

Protect washbasin, basin, bathtub, and shower drains with the appropriate filters, to prevent various residues from clogging them.

Throw only biodegradable substances in the toilet.

Close the general water tap if you are away from home for a long time.

Avoid operating the washing machine or dishwasher when you are not at home.

Flooded house: who to call and what to do?

In the event of flooding in the house, the fire brigade is responsible to intervene, but only in case of danger to people and animals or damage to furniture, walls, foundations, such as to make the property uninhabitable. Firefighters’ rescue vehicles. In fact, they use pumps that work if there is at least 20 cm of water. Certainly, this is not the case of flooding from the washing machine, which can cause at most two fingers! In these cases, it is better to contact a plumber. Call 01782301002!

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