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24Hr Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioner maintenance

After you have mounted an air conditioner on your house, you’ll be sitting back and enjoying the comfort that it gives to your home. However, it’s vital to keep your AC effective during the whole year. So you should know some of the maintenance musts when it comes to looking after your air conditioner. Keeping daily maintenance on top will keep your system up and running with minimal effort. Just like you’d be taking regular inspections of your car, your AC is no different. Hence, carry out these clear steps to ensure your year-round heating and cooling needs are met.

24Hr Air Conditioning

Filter cleaning

With a vacuum cleaner, or by removing the glass and washing it in warm water, you can easily clean the filter on the indoor machine about once every three months; this should eliminate any more serious debris such as allergens, airborne pathogens, dust; In order to ensure proper ventilation through your air conditioner, you should clean filters periodically.


Keeping the area around the outside device clear of snow, ice, litter, and other debris will go a long way to keep your AC completely operational, minimizing the need for unnecessary engineer callouts.


Overgrowth of vegetation around the outdoor unit is one of the biggest causes of lack of airflow through your air conditioner. Clearing any shrubs or trees that could obstruct the outdoor device will form an integral part of any maintenance schedule for heat pumps. Regular controls should be carried out, especially in the summer months when plant growth rates are at their highest.

Surface Sanitation

Be sure to wash the outdoor unit with a light hose or water justify over from other cleaning activities about once every six months; this will go a long way towards reducing the unit’s corrosion. Naturally, the regularity of surface cleaning can vary depending on the position of your appliance, regular visual checks should be performed and as such, the cleaning frequency will be justified to your discretion.

Annual operation with heat pump

It is strongly recommended to contact us in order to get a fully trained HVAC maintenance engineer to service your system once a year; however, if you have a system installed in a larger commercial environment, more we suggest more frequent inspections.

Signs that you need to service an AC

In addition to the daily maintenance tests, there may be signs that might need attention during your AC system’s existence, such as odd smells emitted from the indoor machine, noisy or unpleasant noises from some part of the device, or maybe you believe your air conditioner just isn’t functioning as optimally as it once was. Our team is on standby in all of these cases, ready to respond to any questions that you might have.

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