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Replacing wall mounted faucets

Slow or Clogged DrainRemoving and replacing wall-mounted faucets is more involved than removing a faucet from a standard sink. You may want to install a new faucet to match a remodel of the room. These faucets may also have problems that cause them to leak. The following article will show you how to easily replace wall-mounted faucets.

Step 1 – Access

With any luck, the plumber has installed an access panel on an adjacent wall (usually in a linen closet). Open the panel and move on. If there is no access panel, you will need to make one. Attach the faucet to the wall from behind. Use the stud finder to find the studs on an adjacent wall and mark them with the pencil. Use the hole saw and carefully cut between the studs through the wall. Make the cuts as straight as possible to make the repair easier. Once the section is cut through, remove the piece and set it aside.

Step 2 – Water

Before you remove the faucets, you need to turn off the water in the area where you are working. You can turn off the water at the main source or just in the area you are in. If you can turn off the water locally, you only need to look for the valves under a sink or behind a toilet. Turn them clockwise and the water will be turned off.

Step 3 – Removing the faucet

Shine the flashlight into the access hole you cut out. Have a friend hold the faucet on the other side of the wall. Start by loosening the screws that hold the faucet in place. Use a pipe wrench to get into tight places. Once the hardware is removed, the faucet will be loose and your helper can pull it off the wall. Use the towels to remove the water coming out of the pipes.

Step 4 – New faucet

Have your assistant insert the new faucet through the existing hole in the wall. While your assistant holds the faucet, insert it into the pipe. Use the tape and wrap it tightly around the threads. You can then tighten the faucet using the nuts and bolts that came with the new faucet. Apply silicone sealant around the new faucet. Wet a finger and drag the sealant to smooth it out.

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