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Water Heater Services

Maintenance of an electric water heater

A water heater is a fundamental appliance for domestic life. It provides us with hot water that is essential especially during winter. But as it happens with the car that needs periodic checks, so the water heater needs constant and above all regular maintenance in order to always work well. Water Heater Services allow its durability, reduces additional and unnecessary consumption.

Why is maintenance important

First of all, it must be said that Water Heater Services mean the overhaul and control of the various components of the water heater. Please note that already during the installation, the current regulations require the installation of equipment that will allow the best functioning of our appliance. These are precautions that, together with the good functioning of the sanitary system, avoid the use of premature repairs. We refer for example to the limescale filter that will extend the life of the components of the water heater.
Try to adhere to the following advice:

Ordinary maintenance

Ordinary maintenance means cleaning the nozzles of the so-called burner with the adjustment and cleaning of the internal devices. Obviously, all dirt that is potentially harmful to the proper functioning of the appliance is removed.

Periodicity of maintenance

When is it better to call the technician? The regulations already require at least a two-yearly check by the certified professional technician in Stoke-On-Trent. This is required by law mainly for obvious safety reasons. An unchecked water heater is a danger for everyone, it is enough to see in the past how this appliance has been the cause of accidents and tragedies. Therefore, in addition to imposing controls to protect public safety, maintenance avoids having to replace the water heater prematurely. For greater peace of mind and especially for a longer life of the system, the advice is still to do at least one annual check.

The cost

On the purely economic side, it is now common practice to have the regularity of the checks on our appliance. The technician will know the water heater better, suggesting the necessary interventions according to the state of the system. Usually, standard maintenance has a minor cost. We also remember that every appliance is not eternal and that over time not only the state of maintenance but also the location and type.

Water Heater Services

Do it yourself in the maintenance of an electric water heater

Assuming that a qualified and competent technician is always the best solution, here are some do-it-yourself maintenance tips. For those who are familiar with this type of appliance, it is always essential to cut off the power supply to the water heater and close the water tap. To replace the heating element, the water heater must be empty. If there is a lot of limescale around the resistor, it is necessary to use a bit of force to free it from the scale.

Dissolve limescale and s soak the object in question in a solution of warm white wine vinegar. After several hours clean away the incrustations. A natural solution that, beyond its actual effectiveness, is certainly less aggressive and requires less attention than chemical solvents.

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