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Leak Detection Services

Water leaking from the pipes? Here’s how to intervene

One of the most common drawbacks associated with plumbing is water leaks. Various systems can be used to detect them, for example by using special tools, which must always be handled by professionals. Water leaks in pipes should not be underestimated in any way, especially if the pipe is located under the floor, or if it passes through a wall. Even the slightest leak if neglected, over time, could result in considerable repair costs. Not to mention the potential damage to the structure of the house caused by the infiltration. So without a doubt leak detection services are indispensable for our household.

Leak Detection Stoke-On-Trent

How to detect hidden water leaks

Firstly, pay attention to the walls: are there damp? Or do you hear a hiss or a strange noise coming from the walls? You may have a problem with the internal plumbing. In order to detect potential water leaks in the house, it is necessary to monitor the water meter. Especially if it continues to operate after closing the central water system. Take the numbering indicated by the meter, preferably in the evening, let the night pass, and check the value indicated the following morning. In the event of an increase in numbering, there is clearly a water leak at some point in the system.

How to detect a water leak under the floor

To correctly detect water leaks it is necessary to use specific tools and technical procedures. For this reason in some cases, it is necessary to ask for the support of specialized companies and professionals. In principle, there are four steps to locate a leak, which involve the following operations:

1. monitoring the water meter;
2. searching for any noise produced by the leak;
3. seeking advice from a plumber;
4. using an electronic probe.

Technology is the core of Leak Detection Services

We randomly strain our ears to hear for water leaks, since pipes with a water leak, emit vibrations produced by the water trickle that slides along the pipe. Unfortunately, the smallest leaks do not generate perceptible noises. In this case, there are special water leak detectors that come in handy. They greatly facilitate the localization of the original point in the pipes, thanks to the use of electronic probes called geophones.

In addition to the geophone, the instruments used to detect water pipe rupture also include thermographic surveys, metal detectors (useful up to 2 meters deep), detectors (with a maximum functionality up to 7 meters deep), as well as camera probe inspection in the most complex cases.

Naturally, in order to use this state-of-the-art equipment, it is necessary to contact professionals in the sector, who will use the equipment to its maximum efficiency and precision, quickly locating the points of water dispersion.

Repairing water pipes

In recent years, an innovative technique called relining. It allows repairing water pipes without breaking the floor, walls, or any other covering, which has also become widespread. It is a cutting-edge methodology, with which it is possible to repair pipes, using special machinery and an epoxy resin compound.

After the video inspection of the pipes, a material is injected into the water pipes that adheres to the internal walls, which after hardening creates a new solid and wear-resistant layer. This is, in particular, a new inner pipe, which avoids the demolition of walls and floors, allowing water leaks to be repaired quickly, practically and economically, without any disturbance to tenants and neighbors.

The relining can also be used to fix the heating system without breaking the floor, a technical solution much appreciated by customers. In this way, it is possible to obtain new high quality, certified, and resistant pipes without any repiping destructive work.

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